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About Erik Milman


Erik is proud of his work helping protect  the rights and benefits of Correctional Officers and Law Enforcement Officers through his work with the Correction USA, which represents over 85, 000 Correctional Officers.  He formerly worked with the Police Benevolent Association. Erik has successfully provided research for unions across the country on municipal and state budgets.  He taken apart the budgets and shown how the governments have wasted the taxpayers’ dollars that could have been spent on protecting the employees. His success in uncovering the truth about government waste in Santa Fe, New Mexico was featured in the news.

Erik lives in Northern Virginia with his family and is a proud graduate of Florida State University.
Erik Milman is the President of Milman Research and Consulting, an opposition research firm that has conducted research on more than 200 races throughout the country.  His background research includes work on congressional, state and local races. His specialties include searching state legislative and court records.

Erik’s notable successes include the 1999 Mayor’s race in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he discovered that the frontrunner had been charged with stock fraud and was barred for life from being a stock broker despite the fact that the criminal records had been sealed.  The information reversed the candidate’s position in the polls and the frontrunner placed third on Election Day.